When you go to Natal of course you would like to be ensured of comfortable accommodation to spend the night.

PousadaBrazil has many types of accommodation. The main forms are Hotels, Pousadas and Fazendas. There are of course possibilities for renting houses, apartments and (sailing) boats. The last one is , despite the fact that Brazil has over 8000 kilometres of coastline, not so popular (yet).
Brazil is working hard to preserve its nature. This is reflected in the architectural style of the properties to spend the night. So quite regularly you'll see Eco-Resorts and Pousadas which are built and maintained according to very strict environmental regulations. Definitely worthwhile visiting. You will often be surprised by their beauty.


This category is fairly in accordance with our (European/North American) standards. Of course it varies from small to large and simple to luxurious. Besides the presence of a main building, there are also hotels where bungalows or chalets are part of the hotel complex. In general there is always a restaurant available at the Hotel, at least to provide breakfast. That’s where Hotels often differ from Pousadas. Mostly Pousadas do not have restaurants


Kitchen PousadaThis category is the closest to Family-Hotel, Inn or Bed and Breakfast. Where in the past Pousadas happen to be a place to rest during a long journey nowadays the distinction between a hotel and Pousada becomes increasingly less clear. In general, a Pousada provides a little more personal approach than hotels and are often a bit smaller. That is definitely no strict distinction! There are various Pousadas that do not differ from hotels. Hence, experience yourself. Even with the smallest Pousada there is usually a rich breakfast buffet included in the price. Often you can compare the service of a small Pousada with the service of a European/North American-style Bed and Breakfast.


To complete the confusion, Brazil also knows Fazendas. Normally, these are (large) farms. It is often the location of these Fazendas in scenic areas, with lakes, rivers, beaches, hills, etc. that makes Fazendas attractive to spend the night. It’s like a Pousada on a farm. Usually a rich breakfast buffet is served and often lunch and dinner with intensive use of local products from the Fazenda. Because Fazendas often are situated in spacious nature areas Fazendas offer horseback-riding, canoeing and trails for hiking.

Houses and Apartments

Furnished houses and apartments are also for rent in Brazil. These can range from simple to very luxurious. In general it is not that simple to find professional agencies for the rental of houses and apartments. In many cases, only Portuguese is spoken. Furthermore there are no strict rules when it comes to renting the accommodation. Last but not least, often local Brazilians don’t understand the European/North American qualification-standards. In many cases real estate is presented in a way that don’t meet ours.


Motels are a very established phenomenon in Brazil. You will regularly find them near the main roads or in some more discrete areas. But be aware ..., you must absolutely not compare these motels with the European/North American-style motels. They are usually discrete in terms of intention and… the rent goes by the hour! These motels are visited by the amorous amongst us to offer them the opportunity to make love in complete discretion. It’s nice to know before you enter.

On the water

Well, still quite some pioneering is needed to find a comfortable spot. When you have found one… let us know